Blockchain rewards for just living your day-to-day life.

LiveLife is a gamified route application that gives users a chance to win unwaveringness focuses like Air Miles by performing activities, for example, setting out to an area, reclaiming vouchers, offering things or booking a lodging or taxi.

Airdrop is live. $1M worth of Tokens to be Distributed

What you can do with LiveLife?


LiveLife is perfect for small business owners who want to let people know about their services. Creating and distributing a gift voucher or coupon takes a couple of moments and is broadcast to everybody who comes near to the venue.

Our business promoter system broadcasts directly to people who enter within the businesses defined radius. Because we rely on footfall which is by definition, transient, business owners are always promoting their message to a fresh audience.


The LiveLife Marketplace will be a fully-functioning e-commerce ecosystem which lets LiveLife users sell products and services and even create discounts.

Features include dynamic pricing so users can set a sales price in their base currency (eg USD) and the LIVL Token price will be calculated in real-time, based on the current exchange rate.

Route Planner

The LiveLife Route Planner leverages the power of Google Maps to provide the best and most efficient route from point A to point B and includes many powerful features, such as the ability to choose a route based on whether you wish to walk, cycle or drive, real-time traffic updates, local amenities (search for food, hotels, petrol/gas, parking and banks/ATMs) andthe ability to set specific places (eg home, office) as favourites.


LiveLife has partnered with many hotels  which means that it’s possible to book hotels directly through the app. Hotels are displayed with photos, full descriptions and user reviews, all at the lowest prices.


LiveLife features a growing range of features which have been designed to reward users for interacting with local shops, businesses and services.

LiveLife makes it easy and fun for people to travel, book hotels and taxis and get discounts at local businesses. The built-in loyalty points system called ‘GPS Tokens’ means that users are rewarded each time they take a journey. Anything from walking the dog to taking a long road trip can earn blockchain-based LIVL Tokens which you can either sell for Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency or use in our in-app financial ecosystem. You can also earn LIVL Tokens by logging into the app every day, completing challenges and more.

In fact, the open-ended architecture of the Triffic platform means that we will always be adding new and exciting ways for you to earn GPS Tokens.


Once the LiveLife app goes live (see roadmap), 50% of our monthly advertising profits will used to purchase LIVL Tokens at the market rate.

85% of the monthly purchase will be distributed to holders in proportion to the number of LIVL Tokens in circulation. For example, somebody that owns 1,000,000 out of 100,000,000 LIVL Tokens will receive 1% of the total amount of purchased LIVL Tokens. Token rewards are locked for 60 days to prevent users immediately selling them onto the market.

15% of the monthly purchase will be burnt, preventing their further use. This is designed to offset any new LIVL Tokens that come onto the market and provide a natural mechanism to further limit the circulating supply of LIVL Tokens as the difficulty increases.

What is LIVL token?

LIVLTokens are the blockchain-based loyalty points system for the LiveLife App ecosystem. Because they are based on Air Miles, the main way to earn them is by using the LiveLife app to travel around. Unlike most other blockchain projects.

the LIVL tokens have a built in revenue model which ensures that they maintain an intrinsic value. In order to earn LIVL Tokens, users need to earn LiveLife Fuel.

  • Livelife Fuel is earned by watching video messages. .
  • Each video message will bring in revenue to the company.
  • The more video messages that the user watches, the more time they get to earn LIVL Tokens
  • Each message is worth thirty minutes of LiveLife Fuel.


Q2, 2017
LiveLife platfrom development began
Q3 2018
Testnet live
Q4 2018
Main sale
Q1 2020
5000+ partners worldwide rewarding users for living daily life
Q4 2017
Testnet development began
Q4 2018
Private Sale
Q3 2019
LiveLife App Launch on iOS & Android Platforms

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